Morgane Pasqualini Vessel - Vase Lila


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Unique piece by Paris-based ceramicist Morgane Pasqalini for Cloth & Clay Studios.

H 26cm W 22cm

Ceramics inspired by the culture of the Mediterranean basin, with an emphasis on the terracotta colour and an obsession with amphora and Etruscan art. Also strongly inspired by nature and in particular the work of photographer Karl Blossfeldt, this collection of vases with airy, moving and free handles is an ode to the organic.

Raised in a small village in the French Alps, Paris-based ceramicist Morgane Pasqualini crafts striking clay vessels inspired by her love of the ancient and natural worlds. Largely self-taught, she was trained in throwing techniques by master ceramicist Augusto Tozzola just two and a half years ago and learnt most other techniques - such as coiling and ceramic painting - through experimentation alone.

Please note that due to some photos being shot on film, colours may vary.

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